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Short paragraph on Deforestation in 200 words


Deforestation means cutting down trees in large number. There are many causes behind deforestation. Our population is increasing rapidly. Man needs houses, furniture, firewood, etc. For this, man uses wood. Wood is also used in big industries. At present man makes shops, educational institutions, boats, launches, trucks and other vehicles that lead many people to cut down trees. It poses threats to our environment.

They are cutting down trees to fulfil their needs. Some dishonest people also cut down trees to make money illegally. The effects of deforestation are, no doubt, harmful. Without trees carbon dioxide increases. As a result, the temperature rises. It causes the greenhouse effect. The sea level is rising. The low-lying countries will be highly affected because of the rising of the sea-level. Flash-flood will happen and it will destroy the crops of the farmer. Sometimes there will be no rain. Without trees, One day the whole country will turn into a desert. Natural calamities like Untimely flood, cyclone, drought etc will take place. It is high time to take the necessary steps to prevent from deforestation. More and more trees should be planted. Public awareness is essential to make the tree plantation programme successful.

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