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My experience of a Foreign Trip

A short trip to DUBAI

Travelling to a new place is a matter of great pleasure and experience. After my semester examination is over, I went on a Foreign Trip to Dubai. My parents and my friends were with me. We took a visa from the Embassy. Then we bought plane tickets. It was my 7th foreign trip, before going to UAE I had visited many other countries eg, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Turkey, and Italy. I had landed DUBAI several times but all take our next flight to go our destination. On the journey date, we reached Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) International Airport, Dhaka. We had to complete the immigration process.

We waited at the airport lounge "EBL Sky Lounge" for a long time. Which is really good at Dhaka airport. You must visit it. If you are an EBL cardholder then you can easily get buffet food here which is fully free of cost. For a kind of information, EBL provides Aqua MasterCard, Don't try to use it because they don't suppose to accept this card. Try to use a VISA card instead of Aqua MasterCard. Now come back to my trip, The most memorable experience comes when I boarded on the plane. I sat beside the window and saw outside the plane. All things looked smaller. I enjoyed the beauty of the clouds. The Air hostess was given food and drink. Finally, the plane landed on the DUBAI International Airport. After leaving the airport we booked a hotel for four days. We visited a number of important places in the United Arab Emirates. I enjoyed seeing the Burj khalifa much. However, after four days we came back to our country. In fact, the trip was a great experience for me.

Hope you guys enjoyed it if you like this then share this with your friends and stay tuned with this website for more updates. thank you very much.

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