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Female Astronaut made world record

Female Astronauts made world Record

 Female Astronauts Christina Coach of the United States has burned through 327 successive days in space. In this, she has established a precedent for a lady to be out of the world for a very long time. The record was held by Peggy Whitson for such a long time. He went through 279 days in space. Be that as it may, the record for the longest remain in space (in the two people) is as yet held by Scott Kelly. 

This Female astronaut 
went through 340 days out of the world. Also, in the event that she had been in space for just 12 days, Christina would have been the mentor who might have been in space for a very long time. Christina Koch arrived in Kazakhstan on February 8. He was joined by two individual commandants from the European and Russian space offices, Skvarsov and Luka Permission. This was Christina Koch's first spaceflight. 

Just because, he has come back to claim various records. NASA tweeted this is the second-longest space strategic US space travellers. He likewise set another precedent in October a year ago. In 328 days, he partook in a sum of 6 space strolls. 

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