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how to make money creating apps for android

how to make money creating apps for android


Android app making is not so easy at all. You can't make an Android app without proper skill. But now I am going to tell you the best and free website where you can make an Android app and earn money. Earing money is not a bad idea.

Freelancer and Upwork App is the best and professional site for all Android users. If you have some professional skills then this will be a good source for you. For work on this website, you have to register an account and with your personal information.

First, you have to make a profile on this site. And You have to give details about which work you know. Like Logo Making, Web design or Development, Customized Blogspot, Video Editing etc. Web design and Online Upwork is the best source of income for web developers. By using HTML and CSS code a web designer can customize and Design a website. By showing ads on a website a web owner easily earns a lot of money using Google Adsense or Admob. It is very essential and good upwork source. If your Android apps earn a rank in google then the company or apps developer will earn much money.

For this work first, you have to visit Appgeyser website. First, you have to register on this website. Then select the category of your android app. Then select a logo for your website and customize your website. Then you to write or giving some special settings for your website. You'll make many kinds of a website using this website.

Like Video Editing App, 4k wallpaper App, normal games, Earning app, Ringtone App, photo editing app. You don't have to worry about the payment because the website is absolutely free. After customizing your app you have to download it.

If you don't add your android app on Google play store you can't get the "AdSense Approval" So you have to create an AdMob account. Then register your android app's on it. Then you have to customize ads on your Android app. Whenever Anyone clicks on ads of your app. You will get some payment for it. That's how you can earn money easily using Android app. by making android apps everyone can earn a lot of money with the help of Google Adsense account.

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