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What are some ways in which the COVID-19 virus could be transmitted?

What are some ways in which the COVID-19 virus could be transmitted 2021?

Lockdown is on in many countries around the world to prevent coronavirus infection. 
As well as maintaining social distance as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), Covid-19 has been thought of as a good way of prevention and the common people are also adhering to it. I'm currently writing from New York City. New York a city never sleeps. But Today It's been a state of deaths. Everyday infected lots of people here though people are dying all over the world. 
The only target now around the world is to prevent corona. Covid-19 has caused so much panic among the people that everyone is taking all possible measures to save themselves before leaving the house. Everyone is taking care of every little thing to avoid infection. Everyone is following the rules of using an N-95 mask, hand sanitizer before leaving the house and changing clothes after returning from outside or workplace and washing their hands, feet, face, etc., as well as using the elevator of the building.
the elevator should be clean once a day to save from Coronavirus. It's not a very hard task to prevent corona, It's easy but tough because we are a human being. Maintaining Social distancing is very tough here when people are connected all over the world in all ways. But should maintain because of us as well as our family members.

Follow that rules when using the elevator;

1. You must wear a face mask before entering the elevator.
2. Do not stand leaning on the elevator.
3. Use tissue paper to press the elevator button.
4. Don't touch the elevator without gloves or tissue paper.
5. Make sure that the thing you used to press the button does not touch any part of your body.
6. Then throw it in the dustbin after returning from the elevator.
7. Don't finger in your nose, ear, eyes, mouth with hands.
8. Then wash your hands well with soap or apply sanitizer.

In this pandemic situation, we all should have to maintain some basic rules. If you maintain these rules we can easily win against coronavirus. We should keep patience and stay at home as much as possible during this situation. Stay home Stay safe. 

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