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how to keep your computer safe and clean

how to keep your computer safe and clean

If you like to protect your computer you have to follow just these steps ;

1. Hard Disc is the heart of Computer. Generally, there are two types of hard disc: SSD And HDD. SSD is the latest and the fast Hard disk drive ever. If you fill your hard disk drive with songs, movies, games and unnecessary items your Computer can't run so fast then. So you have to clear those unnecessary files and games daily. Your hard disk drive has to stay at least 100 GB to run faster.

2. After using the computer every day, it should be covered to protect it from dust, the power cable should be kept open, shutdown should be done properly, etc. On the weekends, the dust on the computer table, parts, etc. should be cleaned with a dry cloth. Scandisk, defragment program should be started at least once a week. The inside of the CPU should be carefully cleaned once a month. Clean the connection pin so that dirt can be washed away.

3. When using a pen drive, it is better not to open it without checking for viruses. It should be checked with a good antivirus and then started. That is, a good antivirus should be installed on the computer and updated regularly. For those of you who have already started using the Internet, opening links to unfamiliar web addresses, clicking on any Spamming pictures or videos on Facebook. Because all these viruses will harm you invisibly.

4. Turn off the computer without using it. As a result, there is no waste, computer parts are also durable. When running games or graphics software, it is best not to run other unnecessary software. Because it puts more pressure. And yes, you need to uninstall software or games directly from the computer without deleting them. If you delete it directly, some files will remain.

5. You have to take care not to get addicted to computer-internet. We will use computers, we have to keep a close eye on the computer so that it does not use us. Unnecessarily running a computer, browsing the internet or playing games without calculating the time all these habits can be eliminated, it will be much easier to keep the computer healthy.

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