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Hacks of Successful Students

Hacks of Successful Students

1.Setting the ultimate goal of life;

A student has to decide what the ultimate goal of life will be at the beginning of his education. What do I want to be?
A knowledgeable scholar, theologian, physician, educator, historian, economist, social worker, scientist or something else?
Because it is not possible to achieve success without any goal.

2.Strong will and faith;

Faith and strong will are the food of the soul. It acts as an energy source in shaping students' careers. Belief is the origin of thought and the thought is the origin of action. Every human being's actions are similar to his beliefs. He who does not have self-confidence and ambition doesn't have any consciousness in his mind. Work and morale are awakened by faith and ambition. Faith and hope provide energy to the human mind.

Helps to move forward. Despair and despair make people depressed. Nothing is impossible to the will. There is a proverb - there is a way if you want.
"If you think you can win, you have to win," said William Hazlitt.
The student should always hope that if someone is first on the merit list in the exam, it must be me. Just thinking of passing the exam will not speed up the study.

3. Persevere;

To be a good student, he must be diligent. Perseverance is the pursuit of success or endeavour. There is no educated person in today's world who does not know the name of Thomas Alva Edison. He is indebted to the world for inventing thousands of electric lamps, movies, audio recordings, encrypted telegraph systems, modern batteries.
Born in Ohio, the USA in 1848, the genius developed a complex disease called scarlet fever as a child, which left him almost deaf. His school life was only 12 weeks.

Because his academic performance was so bad that he no longer wanted to be in school. The letter from the school said that Thomas was very inattentive to his studies and his talent was not good. Such a weak student could not be kept in school. But Thomas' mother opened the letter and told her son that Thomas's talent was much higher than that of ordinary students and that ordinary schools

did not have the capacity to teach so many talented students. So he should be taught at home. It was from this confidence in his mother that Thomas began to study all the more complex things. And it was because of this confidence that he would not accept failure in anything. His experiment failed 10,000 times when he invented the electric lamp. But he still kept trying. Because as a child his mother instilled in him the belief that nothing is impossible. Edison found the letter, written in harsh language, many years later, and his mother hid it.
By then the mother had died. Thomas has become a famous scientist and a rich entrepreneur. After reading the letter, Thomas understood everything and wrote in his diary
that Thomas Alva Edison was an incompetent child.

4.Routine reading;

Students have to study routinely every day. The textbook should be hung in front of the reading table to formulate a routine to fully prepare the relevant subjects.
You have to create a routine by dividing the time of day and night. If you study according to the routine, it will be possible to prepare all the subjects thoroughly.

It is very important to follow the discipline in education. This is one of the characteristics of an ideal student. In addition to the routine study,
it is necessary to go and return to the campus on time, prayers, sports, food, bath, rest, etc. according to the rules

Practice for good health;

There is a saying - health is an asset. Therefore, in order to keep the body and mind healthy, regular sports, walking, social service activities, cultural activities should be done.

Be attentive;

If you want to be a good student, you have to concentrate on reading and writing. We have to create affection and thirst for knowledge in the mind.
One thing to keep in mind is that the water does not move forward but the thirst leads to the water. In addition to enhancing memory through deep attention,
investigative vision is also sharpened. Through this creative and innovative talent continues to develop.

Punctuality or utilization of time;

Time is an invaluable resource. If time is lost, it cannot be returned. The time that was lost, and the arrow that was thrown from the bow - these two things never return to their place.
There is a saying in English: Time and tide wait for none. That is, time and current do not wait for anyone.

Education is the real-time of self-formation;

Those who can use their time wisely in education, their lives are filled with success. They keep a firm footing in the workplace. The country and the nation are blessed to get them.
And those students who do not know how to take advantage of time, they fail to succeed in life. So it is very important to take advantage of the time to achieve success in life.

Discipline and obedience;

In order for a student to reach the peak of success, he has to follow certain rules and regulations. Obeying all the rules and regulations of the educational institution, reading daily,
learning daily, doing daily work daily, obeying the constructive orders of parents and teachers, not disobeying them, not hurting their minds. Respect the elders and love the younger ones,
always speak the truth or be a witness to the truth.

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